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The major benefit of A.I. is that it will hold what's left of what used to be the brains of real human beings. Assuming that there will be a robot out there which will “kill” the “Stanford-Binet,” we won't have to put up with some moron claiming to possess the highest I.Q. on Earth, because he "mighta" just hired on with the RNC, producing movies starring top level Democrats in orgies with rubber chickens and wild beasts. “Coming Attractions,” you might say. Hopefully, a “6 trillion-dollar man” will encrypt its reservoir of knowledge so that it won’t be accessible by anyone who can't seem to grow beyond the anal/oral stage. That will pretty much eliminate the Betas, and allow the Alphas to continue on their expeditions to the galaxies, fondling little elongated cylinders from Mars which might be worms, or another life-form’s “feces.”
"That’s shit to you."
You can count progress beyond the Paleolithic Age (when man carved wheels with flint tools) as "moot." Jericho was built with stone carved by stone, its walls wide enough to accommodate manned chariots, 10,000 years ago. Man found time to learn to write and keep records: of laws, religious code, business deals, stored goods, and cyphers; agriculture soared; metallurgy; story-telling. The floor plans for what we call civilization (lol) were passed for 1000s of years generation to generation by those who lived its blossoming: the ancients were the PCs of prehistory. The Iliad and The Odyssey were oral tales that became the mythic Homer’s blueprint for all literature that followed even to the present day.
Respect your elders. One is working to restore the promise of a future we once had:
His name is Joe Biden.
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June 28, 2024... The Morning after....
Admittedly, the President did look tired. He was over-trained for a debate that didn't really happen. Joe was drilled to exchange viewpoints of real issues and lists of accomplishments with a moron that doesn't have either one to speak of. The old folk wisdom always was, "Don't argue with an idiot, 'cause you'll then have two idiots arguing." Joe had too much data rolling around in his head; Trump had the same-old-same-old: "If I had been President, this war, this other one, this inflation, this lawlessness, this corruption wouldn't have happened."
Sure, sure, sure. And if My father had died and left me $400 million, I'd be living in Xanadu with Ms Make/America/Gag/Again. If, If, If...
But it's wonderful what a good night's sleep will do for you.
Go get 'im, Joe! Don't take any "if-s" off the dirt bag!

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