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Politics is not a science. Nothing drives this point home as clearly as the public embracement of entertainers as elected government officials. While it’s true that it does not require any credible amount of either brains or experience to attain peerage with the likes of Rod Blagojevich or a George Santos (or for that matter, the charismatic G.W. Bush), you don’t hire the pool boy as a nanny for your teenage daughters, let alone elect the erstwhile team mascot for the Forbes 400 as the President of the most successful (and strongest) democracy in the free world.
It might be of some comfort to the public (and the Pentagon?) if these “movers and shakers” could be cleared at the lowest security grade. It might surprise the folks in Jefferson that the intellectual heirs to the Snopes family made it all the way from Yoknapatawpha County to the White House where classified material was the favorite toilet read. Phlem (sic) spent 4 years in there, but the launch codes were written in a language that "nobody ever speaks."
In America, politics has become the “sport of morons.” To the smith, the planter, the harvester, the herdsman, and the shopkeeper, it appears as the lazy man’s way to fame and fortune. You could call the race to the White House “the run for the roses”; but stud fees for the last winners after FDR, won’t add two bits to their wealth. The road to “2026” has been laborious, often bloody, sadly tragic, always chaotic. There is no end-game to this sport. The thirst for blood and wealth and power can never be quenched; and is fueled by an Ozymandian drive (by those who have) for self-apotheosis, at the expense of the oppressed, the displaced, the poor and the afflicted: those who have not.
America doesn’t need a savior. We’re not at apocalyptic levels. Sadly, if that day does come, America won't go down alone. But America can be the anchor that keeps the planet stable in the storms to come.
Don’t expect a “Second Coming.” Humanity can solve its own problems, but not by compromising the principles by which it has come this far.
Now, the institutions that have kept us whole: medicine, the law, education, the press - have been knee-capped by the trolls who seek to take the leadership of this country by duplicity, unconstitutionality and ultimately by force; and have thus defiled the very principle which is the bedrock of THIS UNION: DEMOCRACY. What they wish it to become is as yet unclear, since articulation is not one of their strengths.
You can lie to everybody else, but the popular excuse,“You’re only lying to yourself,” is the biggest lie of all.
You know who and what you are, what you’ve done, what you’re doing and where you’re going when you leave this Earth. Nobody would wanna be in your $399 gold shoes.
It only takes one Republican to change a light bulb, but evidently none of them can find the switch.
The wall that keeps Pandora's sewage from flooding the United States into a Bedlam drowning in its own dementia is flawed but holding.
Because one man is working to keep the crazies from taking over the asylum. Call him a crook, a corrupt person, an old weak man with cognitive dysfunction, a traitor. Call him what you want. (This is still a free country!)
What you're seeing is a decent man: Abraham bargaining for Sodom, David with his slingshot, Hans Brinker at the dam.
Who amongst us thinks that he’s capable of ending a 5000-year-old war? Who is stupid enough to say that he can? Those of us who "really believe" KNOW that Solomon would not have split babies in half. Neither will Joe.
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